Travel alongside like-minded professionals

Are you being intentional with your skills and creativity at the workplace or have you fallen into a mold? If the latter, stop what you are doing and get the freak out. During Interrupt Week, you'll travel with a diverse group of high achievers in your field. You'll get to learn from each other & experience the culture, traditions, food, and landscape of your destination through unique activities designed specifically for your group. You'll come back with a refueled sense of purpose and ready to put all of your new ideas into action.

The best part? It's only one week, so your fancy schmancy job will be waiting for you right where you left it.

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Do meaningful work

The best innovation comes from taking the time to think original thoughtsβ€”not read others' ideas. Interrupt Week combines adventure travel, group workshops, and immersion into your destination's local culture to refresh your creative outlook and empower you to make a better, more intentional impact at your organization.

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experiential learning

Besides participating in career-specific workshops, you'll be traveling and learning from a diverse group of high-achievers in your field. You'll share struggles, accomplishments & learnings from your experience in the workplace and participate in idea storming sessions to solve current challenges in your role.

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You read that right. Your destination is secret and will only be revealed two days prior to departure. Don't worry, we won't let you go in blind. You will receive a packing list and any critical information six weeks before your Interrupt Week start date. Think of it as the perfect opportunity to rediscover your sense of adventure.

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